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GNIP Conducts Values Formation Activities For SC

The formation of values is essential to one’s being because they help us grow and develop the future we want to experience. These values are involved in every decision we make every day. In short, they are reflections of who we are and what we believe in.

No amount of gifts will suffice to the gift of understanding such values that Good Neighbors International Philippines (GNIP) provided during the Values Formation Activities for Sponsored Children Seminar which happened on May 31, 2018.

The seminar started off by the self-evaluation and self-discovery of the 175 participants of their own personal qualities through a Personal Style Survey. Once that was established, Mr. Renz Masujeto, a motivational speaker and a mentor from Project Purpose, explained the different types of personalities such as dominance, influencer, steady, and the conscientious self.
The event also accentuated the technique of Personal Purpose Statement which is through identifying what the children think of their interactions with other people and how they see and describe the perfect world.

After the activities, the facilitators stressed out the meaning of the children’s outputs handed by the children which was very crucial for no child has perfectly similar characteristics with another. Being able to let the children understand their own selves is vital in making their own wise and moral decision, and to surpass the challenges that may come along their way.
Talking to children with a topic with such depth and seriousness should be managed delicately, but fortunately, they enjoyed and learned a lot from the seminar. From this feedback, it can be said that children’s character development is one of the fundamental elements that should be considered during a child’s growing years.