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GNIP COVID-19 Assitance Distribution to Sitio Bakal Community Development Project

The situation of the vulnerable communities has undoubtedly affected the lives and wellbeing of the children and families. To address this, constant efforts to assure safety and protection are mobilized by Good Neighbors International Philippines (GNIP) to its project areas.

At the onset of the 2nd phase intervention, the Sitio Bakal Community Development Project conducted its house-to-house distribution in partnership with the Barangay Local Government of Bagong Silangan. Some 190 sponsored children and families received food packs, educational materials tailored-fit to the grade level, hygiene kits, and vegetable seeds to encourage backyard farming for food security.

Families were very appreciative and thankful for the kind gesture of the organization. The educational materials were timely for the opening of classes as it eases the burden for the parents to buy school supplies for their children. Parents were also very thankful for the food packs and vegetable seeds to augment their food supply and nutrition. Moreover, the hygiene kits will serve as their protection against the COVID-19.

In order to supervise the distribution activity, Good Neighbors International Philippines strongly collaborated and involved partner local government units to truly support, implement, and serve our communities and children in this difficult time.

Furthermore, a second swab test and a psychosocial session will be conducted after the date of the distribution on the team involved. The second swab test aims to ensure that no one among the implementing members of the team was infected, or in such cases, the necessary intervention will be made.