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GNIP New Child Finding Kicks Off on February 2018

Every day, more children are becoming vulnerable and defenseless in the country. This is the greater reason why Good Neighbors International Philippines (GNIP) pursues in creating safer spaces and providing bigger opportunities for them. The reach of GNIP’s sponsored children is ceaselessly expanding as the finding for New Child pushes through on the month of February. The activity aims to increase the number of sponsored children in the community and to give opportunity to the family and child to get involved in the community development projects

Different communities from GNIP’s Community Development Projects (CDPs) areas were examined for potential new sponsored children throughout February: February 15 for Southville in GNIP Mom Center, February 13 for Gigmoto in GNIP office and barangay hall, February 14 to 15 for Aguinaldo in Barubo Elementary School, Laak, and February 22 for Kilagding Longapan in Kilagding Elementary School and Longapan Mini Gymnasium.

Prior to the conduct of the activity, a series of consultations, meetings, and recommendations by the facilitators and school head took place in order to get a final list of the probable children who might be included in the sponsorship program. In the activity, children’s basic information was collected and they were interviewed. This is the first step to be a part of the sponsorship program.

Eventually, the final list of the new sponsored children will be approved by the management in the IHQ.