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This is defined not just as the absence of disease but the total well-being of a person. GNIP’s interventions include the construction of health centres; support to hospitals and clinics; health education; provision of health equipment and supplies; hygiene kits, vitamins, and nutritional items distribution; deworming; feeding programs; medical and dental missions; and special intervention programs.



Medical Supplies and Birthing Equipment

Aguinaldo CDP. Kilagding CDP. Longanapan CDP

One of the responsibilities of a barangay council is to provide health care programs and services to its people. But due to budget constraints, this responsibility is often ignored. In remote areas, either there would be an absence of a health facility, or it could be existent, but usually lacking the necessary basic medical devices and supplies. GNIP saw this need and immediately conducted a thorough assessment of the existing health facilities in barangays Aguinaldo, Kilagding, and Longanapan. The health centers, which also serve as birthing facilities, are not only beneficial to the respective residents of the barangays but also to their neighboring barangays. Due to the distance to the provincial hospital, the communities prefer the nearby health centers for health consultations, prenatal and child birth services, and other health-related concerns.


Health Center Construction

San Isidro CDP. Tingloy CDP

The most accessible health center for the residents of sitios Lukutan Malaki, Anginan, and Lukutan Maliit is located in the center of Barangay San Isidro. The said residents have to go through very rough roads, rivers, and quarry areas in a motorcycle or tricycle or hitch on the passing quarry trucks to get to the main health center of the barangay. The health center that was constructed through GNIP in Sitio Lukutan Malaki does not only benefit its 350 families but also the 400 families living in the nearby sitios—Anginan and Lukutan Maliit. This project was also an opportunity to establish a strong partnership with the Municipal Health Office (MHO) of Rodriguez, Rizal. The MHO is responsible for assigning a midwife or a nurse to conduct a weekly visit to the clinic, while the barangay health workers will ensure the daily delivery of health services to the beneficiaries.

“In remote areas, either there would be an absence of a health facility, or it could be existent, but usually lacking the necessary basic medical devices and supplies”

In Barangay Pisa, the lack of access to a health facility has finally been addressed when the construction of the health center, equipped with a patient’s room and a bathroom was finished in the third week of December 2013. Barangay Pisa, one of the 15 barangays of the municipality of Tingloy, is composed of 200 households. As a counterpart, the local government of Pisa will make sure to assign a qualified barangay health worker to attend to the health-related concerns of the community. The community leaders have also been given the responsibility of keeping the health center functional and in good condition.