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Importance of Communication Skills Highlighted In CSF Training

Communication is a universal element that provides avenues for common and shared understanding to be able to address problems, create solutions, and executing ideas. Being a good communicator maximizes an individual’s abilities to expand the horizons of the world. This is not an overnight process; it requires meticulous and continuous learning and practice which Good Neighbors International Philippines (GNIP) offers among its Community Sponsorship Facilitators (CSF) within the organization’s different Community Development Projects (CDP).

The training happened correspondingly throughout the organization’s CDP: May 7 to 8 for Pugad Tibaguin and Sagrada Familia; May 10 to 12 for Aguinaldo and Kilagding Longanapan; May 10 to 11 for San Isidro and Southville; May 9 to 11 for Gigmoto; May 9 to 10 for Prieto Diaz; May 8 to 10 for Tingloy, and; May 16 to 17 for Guiuan.

The project aims to improve the Community Sponsorship Facilitators’ verbal and non-verbal communication training, as well as their interpersonal skills, that will benefit them in their daily engagements with the members of the community and the neighboring barangay as the front liners in their respective area. It was also an opportunity for the facilitators to finalize the updates and arrangements for the Annual Child Letter (ACL) project of the organization.

Covering topics on how to be an effective communicator and its essence, the attendees are expected to be able to apply their learning experiences in the field that will read bountiful results in the future endeavors of the participants in the communities.