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Processing of Birth Registration On The Works

A thin light sheet of a document supporting your birth may just be a piece of paper, but in reality, it is a ticket to every endeavor and opportunities you are going to venture in. Sadly, not all children are registered that shuts them down on the on-set of the potential chances they could have taken. Good Neighbors International Philippines (GNIP) considers this as one of the pillars of its advocacy so it puts forth the processing and registration of birth certificates for the community and the children.

For the month of April 2018, GNIP worked with the community of Sagrada Familia to furnish the families with proper birth registration and documentation. Five beneficiaries of the project have undergone talks and orientations to reiterate its importance to every person which came out as a result of multiple coordination with the Child Sponsor Facilitators and the Sponsored Child parents. After scheduling an appointment on the first week of May for the processing of the registration in the Philippine Statistics Authority – Bulacan, the process is expected to be completed by the following month.