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Youth Participants Attend CRVS Media Forum

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Pressing issues with regards to Civil Registration and Vital Statistics (CRVS) in the country are still dominantly present and there is a need to raise awareness to accumulate support for the passing of a law that establishes a more responsive and progressive CRVS system and implementation that will benefit stakeholders, especially those who belong in […]

Importance of Communication Skills Highlighted In CSF Training

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Communication is a universal element that provides avenues for common and shared understanding to be able to address problems, create solutions, and executing ideas. Being a good communicator maximizes an individual’s abilities to expand the horizons of the world. This is not an overnight process; it requires meticulous and continuous learning and practice which Good […]

IG Sector Conducts Workshop On The Activities In The Community

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Income generating projects are important initiatives to produce income and provide employment in the community that will help in strengthening its self-reliance and empowering its economic participation. To provide a deeper knowledge of the numerous income generating activities, the Income Generation (IG) sector of Good Neighbors International Philippines (GNIP) conducted a training-workshop for field staff […]

GNIP Spearheads Seminar on Parent Effectiveness on Time, Finance, and Stress Management

July 09, 2018 | News

As parents attend to the different aspects of their family’s everyday living, most of them become less and less available in connecting with their child and/or partner. Because of this, the family may eventually grow farther apart, and issues on finances, intimacy, and trust bombard the relationship with mounting walls. In the long-run, the stress […]

GNIP Conducts Values Formation Activities For SC

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The formation of values is essential to one’s being because they help us grow and develop the future we want to experience. These values are involved in every decision we make every day. In short, they are reflections of who we are and what we believe in. No amount of gifts will suffice to the […]

GNIP New Child Finding Kicks Off on February 2018

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Every day, more children are becoming vulnerable and defenseless in the country. This is the greater reason why Good Neighbors International Philippines (GNIP) pursues in creating safer spaces and providing bigger opportunities for them. The reach of GNIP’s sponsored children is ceaselessly expanding as the finding for New Child pushes through on the month of […]

Processing of Birth Registration On The Works

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A thin light sheet of a document supporting your birth may just be a piece of paper, but in reality, it is a ticket to every endeavor and opportunities you are going to venture in. Sadly, not all children are registered that shuts them down on the on-set of the potential chances they could have […]

ACL 2018 Reinforces Sponsors-Sponsored Children Relationship

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Sponsored children were given another opportunity this year to express their gratitude to their sponsors through the Annual Child Letter (ACL) project of Good Neighbors International Philippines (GNIP) which happened among the organization’s Community Development Projects (CDP) and the neighboring communities around the country throughout the month of May 2018. The major activity of the […]

GNIP Leads Community Education on Tuberculosis

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Members of the Sagrada Familia community experienced a larger number of Tuberculosis incidences on the previous year. To shed light on this situation, Good Neighbors International Philippines (GNIP), in line with their idea of accessible health and medical services for children, their families an community, directed a Community Education on Tuberculosis on April 17, 2018 […]

GNIP Promotes Health By Fronting Community Health Awareness

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The rise of vaccines was a triumph for the medical world for they prevented and terminated the expansion of many illnesses that caused the reduction of numerous human lives. Vaccines, together with the invention of treatments against different diseases, liberated the mankind from the fear of dying due to incurable suspects. Good Neighbors International Philippines […]