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How about sharing your skills, talents, and time with us? Please take time to check the following to find out which area you feel you fit in the most.



We have over 10,000 sponsored children in our different project areas: Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. We need additional manpower to conduct monthly home visits to our sponsored children. This is our way of checking their status. We prefer volunteers who live near or can conveniently travel to the project areas.



We maintain a sponsor–sponsored child relationship through the Annual Child Letters (ACL) and Gift-Money-Letter (GML). The ACL is a way through which the children share their stories and express their appreciation to their sponsors in forms of letters and drawings. The sponsors are also given the opportunity to send special gifts to their sponsored children. These could be in the form of a gift, money, or a letter. Since there is a difference in the language used by our sponsors (Koreans) and sponsored children (Filipinos), we need to translate the letters from Filipino to English before sending them to our international headquarters (in South Korea) for distribution to the sponsors. Our limited staff members have to translate more than 10,000 letters each year. You can report either to our head office in Quezon City or to the project area nearest you.



We have five learning centers in Barangay San Isidro (Rizal), which offer free early childhood education to children aged three to six years old. We understand that children have different learning paces, thus the need for a tutorial program. The tutorial sessions aim to help students develop strong study habits and to supplement the lessons that the students are taking during their regular class schedules. We need tutors in numeracy, literacy, arts and crafts, reading, mathematics, science, Filipino, and music. The tutorial sessions are conducted during weekdays after classes (either in the morning or in the afternoon). The morning classes start at eight, nine, and ten and last for two hours, while the afternoon classes start at one and end at three. This program is open to those who can conveniently travel to San Isidro during the weekdays.



We would love to see our children and young people develop their talents. If you have the skills and the passion to teach art, music, or both, you are what we are looking for. This program is open during the summer break.



The center has three divisions: a training center, a learning center, and a health center. It is managed by the Southville Community Development Project (SVCDP). We need volunteers who can assist us in conducting vocational or practical skills training for the people in the community. The trainings are best conducted on weekdays.



There are existing laws in the Philippines on child protection, but the government’s implementation and enforcement capacities are not strong enough. The CPS aims to provide a safety net for the children in our covered communities. It covers four programs: (a) Special Protection Program, (b) Child Abuse Protection Program, (c) Child Empowerment Program, and (d) Community Awareness Program on Child Rights. We need people who can help us with the strengthening of local councils for the protection of children (LCPCs), which are mandated by the government to implement plans for the promotion of child and youth welfare. We also need trainers who can help us promote child rights awareness in schools.

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