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Water & Sanitation

This program provides communities access to potable water by maximising existing water sources in the communities. GNIP also provides hand-washing and latrine facilities in schools and conducts hygiene-promotion campaigns in the communities—as a way of minimising, if not eliminating, waterborne diseases and diseases caused by poor hygiene.



Sprint Development Project

San Isidro

The spring development project aims to address one of the most basic needs of the community—water. The residents of Sitio Lukutan Maliit used to walk a long distance to get to the nearest spring. This consumed a big part of their day. They had to make do with the limited supply of water they had collected in a day for all domestic uses. This limited their capacity to exercise good hygiene practices and has brought risks to their health. The existing water source in the community has not been maximized due to its distance from the households.

“GNIP hopes that the hygiene and sanitation practices of the community will improve and incidence of water-related diseases will be minimized”

Considering these factors, Good Neighbors International Philippines (GNIP) constructed a spring box and installed a water tank in the main source and five tap stands in different locations. All construction and installation jobs have been finished by March 21, 2013. Since then, all the 168 families living in the area, including the 36 pupils of GNIP Learning Center, have been enjoying the convenience of a nearer water source. GNIP hopes that the hygiene and sanitation practices of the community will improve and incidence of water-related diseases will be minimized. Furthermore, the project has been designed in a way that the community develops a sense of ownership by allowing them to manage the project and decide on a system that would efficiently distribute water to all the beneficiaries.


Hand-washing Facility

Sagrada Familia CDP

Not all children have the habit of washing their hands. And even if they do wash their hands, not all of them know how to do it properly. Having a hand-washing facility in school encourages the children to practice proper hygiene at a young age. Once children start the habit of hand washing, it will be easy for them to make it part of their daily routine. The hand-washing facility, which was constructed through Good Neighbors International Philippines, is a three-sink facility specifically designed for children. The facility has been turned over last August 1, 2013, to Sagrada Familia Elementary School, which has around 472 students